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Vedic Maths Squaring and Cubing Numbers

Mathematical Podcasts to be used by Teachers, Students and Parents. To consolidate learning, to help with accelerated learning.

Learn German-part 2- Video Lessons Viel Zeit - a lot of time, a long time heute - today in der Stadt - in the city Verbracht = verbringen: to spend Ich verbringe, du verbringst (and so on) Ich habe verbracht, du hast verbracht (and so on) Nee - a colloquial form for "Nein": No nur beim Kaffeetrinken - only by drinking coffee in einem Café - in a café Ein Bisschen - a little Für eine Frau nicht viel - for a women not a lot (eine) Frau - a woman Nicht - not Nee, aber sehr, sehr lange halte ich es auch nicht aus - no, but I don't endure it ver much longer Lang - long Ich halte - i hold Ich halte aus - i endure zu voll - too full Ist das eine Tuba? - is it a tube Ja, ja, eine Tuba - yes, a tube Sieht gut aus - it looks very nice Ich sehe gut aus - I look nice Sie sieht gut aus - She looks nice (and so on) Gut, und selbst? - good and yourself? Ja, gut, danke - yes, good, thank you Jump Start Language Basics Series FRENCH, SPANISH, GERMAN, JAPANESE Imagine you are visiting a foreign country next week! We have developed short language courses designed to teach you all the language you will need to know to take you through a typical trip — whether you are a tourist or business visitor. You'll learn enough in just a few days to make a real difference to the enjoyment and success of your trip. Hervorragend - brilliant Nein, danke - no, thank you rnaudioproductions Copyright accelerated learning UK 2008 video created by Robert ...

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43 Responses to “Vedic Maths Squaring and Cubing Numbers”

  1. sagar2807 says:

    I like it.

  2. nykw55 says:

    Sir, or anyone solve this problem for my kid, please? Its an algebric problem.
    ( A B C ) 3
    i want to know how to solve this Mathematic or Algebric problem? Please. The Cube Root of ABC, Thanks

  3. nykw55 says:

    Can anyone tell me please please that how to find the Cube Roots of 3 digits? Such as : ( 123 ) 3 . I mean to ask that how to solve this 3 digits cube roots? I know how to do 2 Digits one. Please I have been looking for this, and now I hope I will be helped here.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. shtdafkkup says:

    Step1: Square 4 = 16, note down 6, carry 1
    Step2: 6*4 = 24, double that and add carry = 48+1=49, note 9carry 4
    Step3: Square 6 and ad carry =36+4=40

    so answer is:4096

  5. Tyodur says:

    The first square function can be simply seen in an open multiplication


    he told that we're multiplying the same things two times like 6 and 6 and sum them. it's a short way that can be executed with any number with the method i've shown; but this what i showed you is also Vedic maths imho because no one knows why do we slide numbers to the left. or do we?

  6. g00dm00nster says:

    dude i didnt get it

  7. mdiem says:

    This is why I liked math so much better after learning algebra. It was like using algebra to solve arithmetic problems was cheating!
    Same after learning calculus. I used calculus to "cheat" solve algebra problems!

  8. ravenxclaw says:

    haha. binary. did you just memorize them your own as self-study? or was it required for a class or something?

  9. hugoharada says:

    So simple. Thanks for taking the time to explain the trick!!!

  10. nickolayer says:

    (a+b)^3 can be taken to
    a^3+b^3+3ab(a+b), which is even simpler.
    Speaking of 64^2, that's 8^4, or 2^12. A programmer's got to know the first 20 powers of 2, so you get 4096.

  11. robinluvs says:

    gud job////thax a tankkkkkkkkk


    I used your method for 64^2 and i'm not getting the right answer I get 644 and this is not correct
    What am i doing wrong?

  13. capitalone1 says:

    your most welcome

  14. TheWeirdoClub says:

    I have no idea how I ended up watching this but thanks! 0.o Didn't even know these kinds of videos were on youtube...

  15. choddo says:

    a isn't really 1 (or 2 etc) though is it, it's 10. And the way 3a2b + 3ab2 becomes tens and hundreds isn't really adding them together. Very interesting technique though.

  16. iRioch says:

    thank you for posting this

  17. jeswin7 says:


  18. masxav16 says:

    that is sooo awesome!! ty!!

  19. ThisAndThat4All says:

    Hey I have a free german course on my channel, check it out!

  20. BadWitch68 says:

    little kid

  21. KiwiSpeedy says:

    if you want to learn german, watch my channel. if you have questions i will make videos about it

  22. Sweet2127 says:

    I cant understand this Nazi speaking shit

  23. TheWaffenSniper says:

    I really would like to learn the German language because I am part German. I'm very interested in Germany and things like that. Even though I live in America, I like Germany more. Also, maybe you can understand something about my name that nobody else has been able to answer.

  24. sercosan says:

    I found one website very good!!!!. It is 12speak and you can speak with diferentts native speakers.
    They have funny games and it is free!!!

  25. TheSumtimez says:

    D'yu talk to yourself?

  26. TheSumtimez says:

    Die Frau hat einen russischen Akzent. Das ist ehrlich gesagt etwas ungünstig, wenn jemand das nachspricht, um Deutsch zu lernen.
    Ich hätte (bzw. hab) im Englischen auch einen deutschen Akzent, könnte sowas also auch nicht für Englischlernende machen, weil es sich nicht wie das Englisch von einem Muttersprachler anhören würde.

  27. Aquatyca says:

    learn spanish ¡........HIJO DE PUTA ¡, now you turn.....HIJO DE PUTA ¡

  28. SyB3riu5 says:

    I think she is an immigrant. Not everything they say must be the truth.

  29. LegendaryDamon says:

    this is helping me so much it is brilliant, thankyou for your time,

  30. NicklasAchieves says:

    no but they said they only use native german speaking people , do they speak german in bulgaria ??? don"t think so .....

  31. SyB3riu5 says:

    She speaks with an Eastern Europe-accent. Thats not an austrian accent. Sounds Bulgarian or something.

  32. NicklasAchieves says:

    cuz she is from austria dude

  33. TheDreamcatcher1126 says:

    arrrrrrrrrrrrrr my head hurtss fuck

  34. OnlineSchoolBerlin says:

    did u know that german and english can be very similar?? check my 5 th lesson on my channel to find out!

  35. xXDubbleFXx says:

    ja das wär schon nervig. "Bitte bedienen sie sich am kaltes Buffet" klingt echt nicht so toll. 2:00 ^^
    Finds halt auch nicht gut, hier "scheiß Ausländer, raus aus Deutschland" zu schreiben, da gerade auf dieser Seite bestimmt einige nette und interessierte (ausländische) Leute vorbeischauen, die sich für die deutsche Sprache begeistern...

  36. DerEine0101 says:

    Naja...wie würdest du es finden, wenn du eine, nicht wirklich leichte Fremdsprache, erlernen möchtest, aber du es nicht lernen kannst, weil es dir jemand falsch beibringt? Ich würde das nicht als schöne finden. Da muss ich halt als Aufnahmeleiter oder Regisseur mal etwas tiefer in die Tasche greifen und mir gescheite Schauspieler oder Komparsen holen, undzwar solche, die, die Sprache perfekt sprechen können. Und nicht so einen Müll.

  37. xXDubbleFXx says:

    wie jetzt, auf der einen Seite findest du´s nicht gut, wenn hier Ausländer ein nicht allzu gut vorgesprochenes Deutsch zu hören kriegen. Find ich ja auch nicht gut. Dann aber beleidigst du diese Ausländer? Versteh ich nicht.

  38. xXDubbleFXx says:

    1:29 OOObstsalat!!!! Herrlich ^^
    Das Video könnte man genauso gut als Drogenprävention in Schulen herzeigen =D

  39. IBLUEBANANAI says:

    The woman is an immigrant and speaks not very clear german.^^ You´re not abel to learn speaking like a real german when you listen to her.

  40. HeckerTV says:

    Hmm der Obstsalat sieht ja lecker aus

  41. MrHebyBaby says:

    I understand nothing -_- and i'm german -_- but I train my english

  42. mansonaty says:

    you should have the line.. - Good morning mein kommadant i would like to have a panzerfaust and an mp40 to destroy some russian tanks

  43. Lauchilein says:

    gehts noch? oô

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