English Vocab -Womens Clothing read in English with words and pictures This demo is made for mobile phone screens so please click on the 'view smaller button' on the YouTube player to make the picture sharper, copyright Robert Nichol AudioProductions 2008 Audio supplied by Accelerated Learning Systems Ltd.all rights reserved
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16 Responses to “WOMENS CLOTHING – English Vocab TEFL”

  1. shophemlineTV says:

    good stuff

  2. GoodGrammarGirl says:

    The title to this video is missing an apostrophe.


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  5. theflautist82 says:

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  8. thangbeo1084 says:

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  9. MonstaKruemel says:


  10. vanitapaconic says:

    Stop it! I´ve asked that question to the person who made this to let him know IT WAS WRONG and she/he corrected it.
    DONEEEEEEEEEEEE! ENOUGH! Stop correcting sth that is already corrected! GOT IT? THANK U VERY MUCH!

  11. baigandine says:

    The clothing women in general wear --> women's clothing

    The clothing of one woman --> woman's clothing

  12. vanitapaconic says:

    I know. I am a teacher, dear, this is why I made my point. Good video!

  13. TeachESL says:

    Women's clothing (plural)

  14. JustAudio2008 says:

    good point!
    now corrected

  15. vanitapaconic says:

    woman´s or women´s clothing?

  16. makepeaceful says:

    very useful video