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Speed drawing portrait in dry brush technique. HD.

Classical speed drawing of a portrait by oil paints in technics of a dry brush. In this video tutorial shows the basic steps of working and sequence of portraits in dry brush technique. Actual time of drawing 2 hours. (Oil paint, solar oil, paper). This video is posted in HD quality and can be viewed in 3D format. Switch on the player for the 3D effect at p 720 that would see the stereoscopic effect. Portrait painter Yakov Dedyk. "Hillary Duff" yakovdedyk.narod.ru http

Right Brain Education is a learning program designed to help your child (or you!) utilize and boost both sides of the brain -- the logical left brain and the creative right brain. Right Brain Education is both for early childhood learning and adult enhancement and enrichment. Children and adults alike can learn how to develop the right side of the brain, nurturing natural photographic memory and speed-learning capabilities. When both sides of the brain are used, true genius and intelligence -- both intellectual and emotional -- can shine! Pamela Hickein's heart-based approach to right-brain learning includes two programs, which correspond to two distinct stages of development: TweedleWink™ Children ages 0 to 3 learn quickly through "an absorbent right-brain state." Just ten minutes a day of gentle exposure to 12 simple right-brain techniques is enough to enhance your child's life. Wink™ Later, when the logical left brain begins to emerge, Wink's gentle seven-step approach helps keep the right-brain pathway open, enhancing photographic memory, speed learning and other right-brain abilities. ====================== In this video excerpt from a live presentation, Right Brain Master Trainer Pamela Hickein tells how the TweedleWink and Wink Right Brain Education programs teach to both sides of your brain. - How your right and left brain "communicate" with each other - Why your right brain is a sponge, impartially soaking-up all information - How the left brain acts as a "filter ...
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