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Fast Mental Division (1 digit) – – Quick Math Series

Learn how to divide quickly and mentally using this speed mental math trick. You will be able to divide large numbers faster than you can type them into a calculator! This video is part of the speed division course. Visit the website for your free speed math course!

Can you add 27+19+34+62 mentally? In this episode, we learn how to mentally add two digit numbers rapidly using left-to-right addition.
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Mental Maths Tricks for fast calculation – how to multiply two three digit numbers fast!!

Ever wondered how some people just seem to be great at maths? By using the information in this maths lesson, you will soon be able to multiply two three digit numbers with ease.

Recap of the nation's biggest mental math competition! With over 200 ecstatic youngsters (and adults!) attending every year, this is a fun but competitive tournament not to be overlooked. To young children it was like a party! Prize bags to take home, pizza, and moments of triumph are all included in a package of one. Make sure to go to WWW.USMENTALMATH.ORG for more details! Be there Spring 2012 for another huge success. The US Mental Math Federation (USMMF) regulates the standards for mental math education, defines the levels of difficulty, administrates certification examinations, and conducts competitions. The missions of USMMF include setting up appraisal standards for certifications, administrating certification exams for teachers and students, sharing resources among all interested parties, and conducting national and world scale activities including competitions to encourage active learning in mental math and broaden visions for students around the world.
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