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Speed drawing portrait in dry brush technique. HD.

Classical speed drawing of a portrait by oil paints in technics of a dry brush. In this video tutorial shows the basic steps of working and sequence of portraits in dry brush technique. Actual time of drawing 2 hours. (Oil paint, solar oil, paper). This video is posted in HD quality and can be viewed in 3D format. Switch on the player for the 3D effect at p 720 that would see the stereoscopic effect. Portrait painter Yakov Dedyk. "Hillary Duff" yakovdedyk.narod.ru http

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20 Responses to “Speed drawing portrait in dry brush technique. HD.”

  1. Yakovdedyk says:

    Thanks for every comment to my drawing. I really appreciate your attention to my job!

  2. mysycry says:

    dafuq did i just saw? :O

  3. angel1017799 says:

    Wow now i am really happy and honoured that he subbed to me ( sorry for my bad english)

  4. zzdesolatezz says:

    Well true...I just enjoy the picture despite the misleading title

  5. jstcrash says:

    How can you call this a tutorial this is just an artist painting a portrait in high speed video

  6. idunno4got says:

    hillary daff?? you mean duff? excellent portrait, looks better than the actual actress

  7. johnytornado says:

    i really gotta learn this dry brush technique

  8. chileyork says:

    brother tell me something,before to start on the video,do you have traces o something or you just start with oil and finish as the video shows?fine art from you bro...i hope 1 day i make a portrait at that level...the eyes are just amazing...

  9. Yakovdedyk says:

    Thanks for each comment to my drawing

  10. MellyMUSE says:

    I sincerely admire

  11. inflamersss says:

    Ð’Ñ‹ видимо очень любите женщин. Ð? Ñ?ж картины однозначно отвечают вам взаимноÑ?тью, по крайней мере я ничего подобного раньÑ?е не видел.

  12. yaron352 says:


  13. growler1966 says:

    simply amazing

  14. AwayLemonade says:

    Wow your dry brush technique is really lovely it gives it a great smooth 'glow' on the paper! Lovely piece of artwork!

  15. sebart92 says:

    perfect draw!!!

  16. natorioussbengi says:

    this isnt really a tutorial so could you please make one where you explaine what your doing and what not thanks your really talented.

  17. emmie0212 says:

    can you please tell me about where I can buy the equipment you are using. It is really beautiful! I would love to draw like that, not that the equipment will make me this talented!
    ! please : D

  18. alphacause says:

    This is a beautiful portrait. Thank you for gracing us with a demonstration of your immense talent.

  19. alexandrustefanica says:

    why just 41 views? this is just amazing

  20. LioeIe says:


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