Fast Mental Division (1 digit) – – Quick Math Series

Learn how to divide quickly and mentally using this speed mental math trick. You will be able to divide large numbers faster than you can type them into a calculator! This video is part of the speed division course. Visit the website for your free speed math course!

Can you add 27+19+34+62 mentally? In this episode, we learn how to mentally add two digit numbers rapidly using left-to-right addition.
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  1. anupis1000 says:

    this is very powerful method

  2. InsaneBillykane says:

    Maximum lols

  3. roejames12 says:

    Terrific! I was looking for a way to get rid of this long division method. Lattice and this it is then.

  4. shinsuke0123 says:

    This technique is terrific. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  5. kornbizkit16 says:

    i feel powerfull now, i feel like im a super sayian, thanks nigga!!

  6. MrAmicobello says:

    Thanks dawg!!!

  7. amartin4423 says:

    I am an expert on mental math techniques. And of all the techniques I employ none are so few when it comes to division - dividing by 9 is the only division shortcut out there and vedic division is really just long division in its heart. The best advice I have for your looking for a shortcut in mental division is just to use long division. ITS THE ONLY WAY.

  8. insanebck8 says:

    my god ..i knew US kids r weak in maths , didnt kno they r this dumb..kum 2 us buddy, let us teach u sum maths which we learnt in 2nd std..

  9. barrontide says:

    Actually, this was called short division when I was in school. I guess they must not teach it much anymore.

  10. BlackAppleStudios says:

    Thanks, math homework will be a bunch simpler!

  11. sk8tingrulez1 says:

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  12. vollhonk3000 says:

    we learn this way at school its difficult with fo example 3440987:(

  13. iWRespawn says:

    what if the thing being divided has 2 or more digits?

  14. onthecuttingedge2005 says:

    It should be illegal in the United states for the school board not to show the students these math tricks.

  15. imagination774 says:

    No difference from a long division = =

  16. MejJalTok says:

    i love you man. no homo still.

  17. gideonz74b says:

    This is is just EXACTLY the same as long division!! Not even a single difference!

  18. kikez619 says:

    WOW!!! this video was great!!! A++

  19. slashgibson100 says:

    thanks very very much for this im not so good at math but this video helps me alot
    i can do it faster in just an hour

  20. shredderM2 says:

    These videos are so awesome, maths becomes so much easier once you find a simple method that works and is easy to remember. Also, the epic music at the start adds icing to the cakeXD

  21. mathtutordvd says:

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  22. Destroyer11623 says:

    Can I post your vid links on facebook??????????

    Ps got any stuff 11th and 10th graders could use???

  23. amirk27 says:

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  24. riseredeos says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  26. davidtiger says:

    Thank you very much for the video.
    It really makes math problems to solve easy.
    Mental math is so important in daily life.

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  28. Light4rmLove says:

    Saved my life - thank you sooooo much!! x  x

  29. IcedSlushie65 says:

    Thx bro

  30. MyMentalistmind says:

    Your videos have really helped me! Thanks a lot!

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    Thanks!!!! This helps!!!

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    great video